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heinz mayer GmbH

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heinz mayer was founded in July 1968 as sole proprietorship by Mr. Heinz Mayer in Ohmden, approx. 3 km from the current headquarters in Holzmaden. The new manufacturing plant was built in Holzmaden in October 1976, which has been expanded to approx. 2000 m² production and office space till date. Assembly work with machine heights of up to 10 m and machine weight of up to 20 tonne are possible in this area.

heinz mayer company was changed to a limited liability company on 01.01.1981. However, it has 100% family ownership as before. The company has 40 highly qualified employees.

heinz mayer GmbH is today in a position to plan your products on latest CAD systems for electrical and mechanical engineering and manufacture on most modern CNC machines, which can be programmed in DNC operation. Experienced employees, who manufacture, assemble, check and maintain the products guarantee our quality claim.

Thorben Mauer


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Uwe Mayer

Managing Director

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