The function

Sensitive Box-Cutters

Sensitive Box-Cutter for opening the boxes

Conveyor system and control

The boxes are fed to the 1st station of the Sensitive Box-Cutter by means of an integrated conveyor technology. This conveyor technology allows a safe and gentle transport of the boxes. This proven conveyor lines is equipped with end stops and stations that are used for centring and measurement. Thus, the flexible configuration of the Sensitive Box-Cutter allows the conveyor speeds that are suitable for the application. The transport paths are controlled centrally via the controller of the Sensitive Box-Cutter and form the interface to your conveyor system. The system is equipped with a modern PLC controller and has necessary interfaces to your master computer.

The controller of the Sensitive Box-Cutter is installed in the housing of the system, this arrangement saves costly floor space and is also a reason for quick commissioning of the system in your plant. The fully-automatic box-opener is delivered as turnkey solution and is put into operation by our experienced commissioning personnel immediately after the installation. There is no need for time-consuming cabling as the Box-Cutter is delivered in a fully assembled condition.


The Sensitive Box-Cutter is equipped with the most modern sensor technology
and the fully-automatic box opening system
is capable of  measuring boxes of various sizes, which are conveyed in a chaotic manner. Here the measurement technology will scale up to different measurement processes. The box length is measured by means of laser sensors. This measurement allows for a quick and precise control of the boxes. The pneumatic centring stop was provided with an inductive measurement system to capture the box width. This beneficial and precise design captures the box width on the entire supporting surface and thus depicts the median value.

Severely deformed boxes are easily pressed into shape, which has a positive influence on later opening. The height measurement is done by means of the integrated laser sensor. Hereby the height is measured in real time at various points of the box. The controlled axes of the Sensitive Box-Cutter follow this measurement of the box height.

Separate the crosswise tapes

The patented Sensitive Box-Cutter uses very short knives for separating the tapes, which are protected and spring operated and thus can separate the tape. Here the depth of the knife is measured in such a way that the blade never has an opportunity to touch the product. This elaborate design allows a safe cutting that only scratches the tape and follows the contour of the box, even in case of deformation.

The separation unit has a 3-blade system to guarantee safe functioning of the fully-automatic box opening system. The ingenious arrangement even allows the separation of the tape in case of deformed boxes. Both the sides of the tape are opened by means of a separation unit.

Opening the boxes

The central unit of the Sensitive Box-Cutter is the technological highlight. Here the linear axes equipped with drives can use the precise data and thus guarantee a complete and damage-free opening. The patented head for opening is positioned exactly above the central seam, a multiple sucker bar runs pneumatically and pushed the box by a defined height in order to create a gap for the immersion of the separation device. Here the separation head is designed in such a way that a blade never touches the product. The cutting knife is located on the upper side, perfectly protected by a polished base plate.

Product and blade never ever come into contact due to the protected design. The controlled axes of the Sensitive Box-Cutter pull the contour of the box in a large arc, the height is programmable and depends on the dimensions of the box. This tested curve, in combination with the fully protected knife arrangement, helps the box opening machine to the safe centre cut that is gentle on the product.